Planning Applications

Planning Applications

A well planned and executed ground investigation can help prevent many of these problems by giving a clear understanding of the ground conditions, highlighting design challenges and helping to identify and reduce ground related risks.

One of the greatest technical and financial risks to planning applications and construction projects usually lies in the ground. Unforeseen ground conditions, limited data and poor design assumptions are key contributors to time and cost overruns.



  •     Phase 1 - Environmental & Contamination Desk Studies
  •     Phase 2 - Intrusive Contamination Investigations
  •     Phase 3 - Remediation Strategies
  •     Phase 4 - Validation Report
  •     Contamination Laboratory Testing
  •     Environmental Consultancy
  •     Intrusive Investigations
  •     Investigation of Heave and Subsidence Issues
  •     Geotechnical Laboratory Testing
  •     Foundation Recommendations(strip / spread, piles)
  •     Ground Improvement Design
  •     Retaining Wall Design
  •     Soil Nailing Design
  •     Slope Stability Analysis
  •     Geotechnical Consultancy