Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing

The in-house RGS Laboratory is staffed with trained, experienced technicians, all testing is in accordance with the appropriate current soils testing standards and overseen by Technical Director Steve Rogers.

Steve has extensive experience in this area, having set up and operated laboratories in the UK and overseas.


Soils  (BS1377:1990)

Classification Tests (Part 2)

  • Moisture Content,
  • Index Properties,
  • Particle Density,
  • Density,
  • Particle Size Distribution

Chemicals  Tests (Part 3)

  • Organic Matter
  • Mass loss on ignition

Compaction Related Tests (Part 4)

  • Dry density/moisture relationship
  • Califonia bearing ratio

Compressibility of soil (Part 5)

  • One dimensional consolidation
  • Swelling pressure

Shear Strength (Part 7)         

  • Hand shear vane
  • Triaxial compression


Rock (ISRM and BS1377)

Classification Tests

  • Moisture content (saturation)
  • Density
  • Point load indicies
  • Point Load Index
  • Uniaxial Compression

Contamination (Sub Contract)

Aggregates (BS812) 

Stabilised Soils (BS1924)

Description of Soil and Rock to BS 5930 (as amended 2007) / BS EN 14688/14689