5 things you didn't know about Alan!

Favourite Song
I don't really have one favourite song as there are loads that are great but there's one that I like at the moment: Frances - I care.

Favourite Film
Shawshank Redemption.

Favourite Part of the World
I'm not as travelled as I'd like (yet) however somewhere I'd like to go is America and ride Route 66 but UK-wise it's got to be Whitby and I was there recently for a week.

Guilty Pleasure
Probably eBay as I can't remember a day I've not been on it nor a month I've not bought or sold something but I don't think I'm alone though (Mr Andrew Butcher!).

Hopes for the year ahead
On a personal level, to see my little man grow and keep getting smarter every day because he's far too clever for a two-year-old and professional to help keep RGS moving in the right direction and going from strength to strength.