5 things you didn't know about Imran!

Favourite Song
I don't really have one.

Favourite Film
I have always liked the original Indiana Jones movies, especially the third instalment with Sean Connery who is rather comical.

Favourite Part of the World
I can't claim to have a favourite part of the world as I haven't been to that many places but a trip to Italy to visit Rome, Venice, Lucca and maybe Florence would be nice. I like seeing older architecture and understanding how the ancients built their structures. Either that or I'd like to visit Arizona and Colorado in the US - fantastic geology.

Guilty Pleasure
Can't say its a guilty pleasure because it is a pleasure I have absolutely no guilt about. And its Chocolate - the best thing since sliced bread.

Hopes for the year ahead
Continue to increase my understanding of slope stability issues and hopefully start to get my teeth into some pile designs.