02. Contaminated Land Case

Case Details

RGS were asked by the legal team representing a landowner and waste management operator, to act as an expert witness and to undertake an appraisal of the evidence presented by National Resources Wales against their clients, who were accused of depositing potentially contaminated waste without a licence.

Investigation and Analysis

In order to assess the technical arguments raised by NRW, RGS undertook the following:

  • Visit to Environment Agency offices in Leeds to view and log the 'contaminated' samples obtained by the prosecution.
  • Completion of a Phase One Environmental Desk Study and site walkover to research and assess the history and setting of the site and its environs.
  • Excavation of windowless sampled boreholes and trial pits, logging, completion of geotechnical testing in RGS' soils lab and further chemical analysis of the samples obtained during the RGS investigation.  
  • Production of an expert witness statement comprising an appraisal of the information obtained from the above alongside a critique of the data and arguments presented by the prosecution.
  • Attendance in court.

Case Outcomes

The criminal charges were dropped and both parties agreed that the material deposited on the site was not hazardous and there was no evidence of harm to the environment.  

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