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Who We Work With

Developers, structural engineers, piling and foundation engineers, architects, builders, public sector bodies, planners, and home owners. Individual, company or government organisation – if you need answers about the ground beneath you, RGS can help.

In every service delivered on every project, our team works efficiently to uncover the answers our clients need about the ground beneath them, presenting information accurately to help them make critical decisions and move their construction works forward.


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Public Sector

“It is essential that my business delivers a quality service in an agreed timescale, with the correct detail to maintain my client’s confidence and happiness. It is, therefore, fantastic working with RGS, who hold the same values and unwavering competence. RGS has always brought great, honest value in advice and service, which we have appreciated for years. I have no problem recommending RGS for any Geotechnical needs; a great company and a friendly team.”

Andy Barlow

Andy Barlow

Spoke Architectural Design

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