Engineering Consultancy

Geoenvironmental projects are tricky and require skilled professionals to complete each job effectively. When you need an extra set of eyes -  and bags full of expertise - RGS qualified engineers can help, attending sites to consult, advise and oversee your team's projects to successful completion. 

Engineering Consultancy Services from RGS

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  • Onsite engineering supervision

  • Foundation recommendations

  • Slope stability analysis

  • Retaining wall design

  • Soakaway design

  • Geological desk studies and appraisals

  • Rock slope stability

  • Working platform design

There are many considerations when it comes to construction. Sometimes, you need an opinion about a specific project component where you don’t hold any expertise – and bringing in a permanent head for one job doesn’t stack up. 

RGS Engineers are here for those situations when you need expert advice on a one-off or temporary basis, helping join the project dots and keep your construction moving along with clear direction and geotechnical expertise your teams can trust.

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Why work with an RGS Engineering Consultant

  • Extensive hands-on industry experience across a range of geotechnical and geoenvironmental projects UK-wide

  • Reduced employment costs with the ability to tap into specific business expertise as and when you need it

  • Head office and contact centres placed across the country, giving our consultants easy access to clients wherever your base or project site

  • Accredited team of professional consultants capable of providing full or partial support for your project depending on the requirements

Book an Engineering Consultant

"Clients need to give information about the land features

and property lines to architects and planners. Their survey results provide an accurate picture about the state and size of the land and what they can achieve there, and can really help speed up building project preparations.”

Rob Palmer - Engineering Director


In short, yes! Our geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering consultants are happy to support you on-site with clear and practical advice when you need it. Depending on the project type, we may recommend different engineers for different purposes – talk to us about your project, and we will find an in-house expert for the job.

RGS appreciates that all projects are different, and some will continue longer than anticipated. Our team will help you scope the project and determine a preferred number of consultancy hours to book initially, which you can increase later if necessary. All engineering consultancy services are fully flexible and align with your project needs.

All our engineers hold a degree in civil engineering or geosciences and extensive experience in the geotechnical and geoenvironmental industries.


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    Laboratory Testing & Gas Monitoring

    Digging underground and retrieving samples is the first crucial component of ground investigation. Next comes testing them to meet the highest quality standards. In our UKAS-accredited laboratory in Yorkshire, qualified technicians take sampling seriously, uncovering data you can rely on to create a detailed picture before your build begins.

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    Training, CPD & Expert Witness

    Keeping engineering teams professionally up to speed is essential, balancing their personal development goals and the company's compliance needs. RGS is accredited to train your staff on various engineering certificates, with in-house delivery options to work around your schedule.

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