Drilling & Excavation

Site investigations are a necessary component of your construction project, helping you see the state of the ground before you start building. With a comprehensive fleet of drilling rigs and excavators, our state-of-the-art tools and trained engineers are good to go whatever the project size or ground conditions.

Drilling and Excavation Services from RGS

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  • Windowless sampling with SPT

  • Dynamic probing

  • Rotary open hole drilling

  • Rotary coring of rock

  • Light cable percussive drilling

  • Trial pits - hand and machine excavated

  • Soakaway/Infiltration Testing to BRE 365

  • Concrete coring

  • Handheld windowless sampling

  • Handheld augers

  • TRL probing

  • Gas & Groundwater monitoring standpipes, piezometers and inclinometers

Whether taking ground samples to assess conditions, preparing for building works or utilities installation, coring allows you to drill deep underground and into existing materials to extensive depths and diameters. 

RGS has a drill for every job, including Hydraulic and Hand Held Hydraulic hand samplers, 110v Coring drills, 110v SDS drills, and Battery SDS drills. Working closely with your team, our fieldworks team determine the best equipment to collect the data you need safely and efficiently.  

RGS worker using piling equipment

Why choose RGS for your Drilling and Excavation

  • Unrivalled knowledge of our sector, gained from twenty years of experience conducting site studies for thousands of clients across the UK

  • Extensive company-owned fleet, with all drilling rigs operated safely by fully trained in-house drillers

  • Easy access to all parts of the UK, ready to put teams and tools on sites quickly for efficient drilling and excavating projects

  • Accredited professionals used for every job, small or large, equipped to handle all drilling requirements accurately and safely

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“We continuously learn, grow, and achieve more each day.

The team works well together across the whole business, and it shows in our completed projects. There is a shared pride in all we do, and that’s why clients keep coming back to us – and why our staff stay with us until they retire!”

Alan Gilleard - Director of Drilling Operations


RGS prides itself on delivering every job to a high standard using our team of geotechnical specialists. With extensive drilling and excavation expertise in-house, projects are completed by professionally trained drillers who follow rigid safety processes.

Concrete coring is requested frequently by RGS clients for a number of applications, both domestic and commercial. It depends on the reason for coring the concrete as to whether it requires a full coring service using a specialist drill. For example, coring can test the strength of an existing slab and assess its suitability to take additional load.  We recommend you speak with our team for expert advice – it’s completely free! Give RGS a call today.


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    Insitu Testing

    Ground samples can be difficult to remove and test depending on their density. Some types of soil, sand, clay and rock needs to stay in its natural habitat to obtain the best results, sampled and tested in a laboratory by experienced, knowledgeable engineers. 

    RGS Insitu testing always comes to you – so you can leave your substance intact and get the measure on its merits without moving it.

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    Engineering Consultancy

    Geoenvironmental projects are tricky and require skilled professionals to complete each job effectively. When you need an extra set of eyes - and bags full of expertise - qualified engineers from RGS can help, attending sites to consult, advise and oversee your team's projects to successful completion.

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