Insitu Testing

Ground samples can be difficult to remove and test depending on their density. Some soils, sand, clay and fractured rock needs to stay undisturbed to obtain the best results, sampled and tested right there by experienced, knowledgeable engineers to determine their density and quality. 

RGS Insitu Testing always comes to you – so you can leave the ground intact and get the measure on its merits without having to move it.

Insitu Testing Services from RGS

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  • Infiltration or soakaway testing

  • California Bearing Ratio (CBR) testing

  • Plate load testing

  • Hand shear vane and Mexicone testing

  • Insitu density testing

Determining ground conditions is critical in construction, whether building on a new site, adding structures to existing developments or laying highways. Substances that are tricky to move are best left in place to give you an accurate reading about their state, stability and weigh-bearing capability.
RGS brings accredited fieldworks engineers to your site to sample and test ground substances ‘Insitu’, with minimum disruption and maximum efficiency and quality. You’ll receive in-depth data in real-time, on-site, helping you make informed project decisions quickly.

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Why choose RGS for your Insitu Testing

  • A comprehensive range of Insitu tests ready to support our clients UK-wide in building development, construction and council highways planning

  • A comprehensive range of Insitu tests ready to support our clients UK-wide in building development, construction and council highways planning

  • An accessible team and fleet all in easy reach of sites and highways across the UK, with fieldworks engineers ready to respond to works quickly

  • Accredited professionals team of fieldworks engineers – knowledgeable, personable, and punctual when dealing with our valued clients

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“Every client wants a site investigation solution that proves good value.

The service we provide is the most important part of their development – and they want it done by an expert, seamlessly and trouble-free, so they can move to the next part of their project. That’s how we help.” 

Steve Letch - Business Development Manager


Insitu testing is just as it sounds – testing performed in situ at the site where your construction is planned. There are different methods of Insitu testing, depending on the information needed for your project. Some tests discover if a ground substance can bear a heavy structure. Others explore the ground density and ability to handle drainage. Between RGS’s laboratory and fieldworks teams, they will guide you about the best testing type to suit your construction project.

California Bearing Ration (CBR) tests are used for two reasons: to determine the soil condition on a site intended for building or the strength of concrete or bitumen used in an existing road or pavement. They are used frequently by developers, builders and highways planners to help make informed decisions about construction works.

As with all tests completed by RGS, the time it takes to generate results will vary and depends on the test type and substance. Some Insitu tests generate an instant result which you receive immediately once the test is completed. Others may take more time to interpret the data generated by the test on-site. Your nominated RGS Project Manager will guide you about the testing process before it begins, allowing you to plan the next phase of your project around the results.


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    Engineering Consultancy

    Geoenvironmental projects are tricky and require skilled professionals to complete each job effectively. When you need an extra set of eyes - and bags full of expertise - qualified engineers from RGS can help, attending sites to consult, advise and oversee your team's projects to successful completion.

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    Laboratory Testing & Gas Monitoring

    Digging underground and retrieving samples is the first crucial component of ground investigation. Next comes testing them to meet the highest quality standards. In our UKAS-accredited laboratory in Yorkshire, qualified technicians take sampling seriously, uncovering data you can rely on to create a detailed picture before your build begins.

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