Training, CPD & Expert Witness

Keeping engineering teams up to speed professionally is essential, balancing their personal development goals and the company's compliance needs. RGS is accredited to train staff on various engineering certificates, with in-house and online delivery options to work around your schedule.  

Training, CPD and Expert Witness Services from RGS

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Short courses

  • Our range of geotechnical and environmental-based courses are delivered to individuals in the workplace (or online) to prepare them for safe site work, sampling and testing

Lunchtime CPDs

  • Experienced trainers attend your workplace during lunch breaks to train teams and individuals to help progress their geotechnical learning journey outside of core hours

Expert Witness

  • Our highly specialised and experienced professionals provide their valuable knowledge and opinions during any court-based legal proceedings

In our sector, health and safety is critical. So is keeping your knowledge up to date, enabling you to carry out your work on site safely and competently.

There is a lot to learn and retain when working in the geotechnical industry, and investing in CPD and training is vital to keep your teams in the know, and safely equipped to perform their jobs.

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Why work with RGS for your Training, CPD and Expert Witness

  • Extensive industry experience in geotechnical fieldworks and environmental testing, trained in CPD delivery to support your people to learn and develop

  • Flexible learning options that work around you and your team’s busy schedules – onsite during lunches, after hours or online

  • Accredited trainers available across the UK to deliver high-quality professional development training to staff members wherever your location

  • Trusted Expert Witness service available to support you through any UK legal proceedings and hearings

Book Training, CPD or Expert Witness Services

“Finding time to upskill teams can be tricky when work schedules get so busy,

but it’s imperative for their safety and personal progression. Our in-house teams benefit massively from regular CPD, and with the credentials to provide training services to our clients, we can take that support to help a wider audience. That’s a major benefit for our industry as a whole.”


Our geotechnical and environmental experts deliver the following types of training:- Site Investigation

- Environmental Engineering

- Construction over Weak Ground

- Soil and Rock Description - Foundation Solutions

Every client has different training requirements. RGS works flexibly to provide training in the best way to suit your company and staff needs – with options to train onsite, online, and within or outside of core working hours. Tell us about your training needs, and our team will create a bespoke timetable to support you with minimum disruption to your business.

Sometimes, construction works don’t run smoothly and this can result in legal proceedings between two parties. If your company has brought a case to court and requires specialist knowledge of a geotechnical or geoenvironmental nature, our Expert Witness service supports the proceedings by giving professional opinion on the subject matter in a court of law.


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    Surveying & Risk Assessments

    Understanding the lay of the land is critical when you're planning or constructing a building. Surveys are the starting point for many geotechnical projects, giving you a detailed view of the proposed site - from size limitations to flood or drainage risks - and RGS has the knowledge and topographical tools to help!

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    Ground Investigation

    Construction work can uncover many hidden problems, like contamination, mines, and underground water. It’s essential to understand the state of the ground before you begin your building project and save yourself the headache later caused by excessive project time and money.

    From a detailed desk study to a thorough excavation, a trusted ground investigation service from RGS can help you.

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