Surveying & Risk Assessments

Understanding the lay of the land is critical when you're planning or constructing a building. Surveys are the starting point for many geotechnical projects, giving you a detailed view of the proposed site - from size limitations to flood or drainage risks - and RGS has the knowledge and topographical tools to help!

Surveying and Risk Assessments from RGS

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Utilities Surveys

  • Borehole clearance using GPR

  • Utilities service – GPR

  • CCTV drainage survey

  • Topographical survey

  • Flood risk assessments

  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO) assessments

Mining Assessments

  • Coal mining risk assessments

  • Coal recovery report

  • Mineral impact assessment

Ecology Surveys

  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal

  • Ecological Impact Assessment

  • Habitat & Botanical Surveys

  • Tree Surveys

  • BREEAM Assessments

  • Invasive Species Surveys

  • Protected Species Surveys

Surveys are not just a nice-to-have – for many projects, they are a legal necessity without which you can’t proceed with development. More so, they provide you with peace of mind about the proposed site and its pre-build land condition.

RGS understands how much your survey matters.  Our professional team works efficiently to complete surveys thoroughly and safely, giving you the answers and clarity you need to move your building project forwards.

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Why work with RGS for your Surveying and Risk Assessments

  • Extensive knowledge and experience completing geotechnical surveys and risk assessments for residential and commercial clients

  • State-of-the-art industry equipment and technical tools (all company owned), ready to perform all types of surveys efficiently

  • Five conveniently placed contact centres with engineers, drillers and consultants accessible to client sites anywhere in the UK

  • Qualified professionals certified to complete your surveys and risk assessments to a high standard, providing accurate results you can trust

“Many clients are unsure of the site investigation process,

seeing it as an unnecessary cost enjoy helping them understand an investigation's crucial role and how it arms them with critical information to make their decision-making much easier.”

Lewis Scarboro - Project Manager


Yes, we can. Lots of homeowners contact RGS for support with their building project – from the prep work required to add another building on an existing plot to starting a new one. For guidance about your survey and a competitive quote, contact our team today.

Surveys differ from one to the next. The costs change in line with the complexity of the survey, the type of engineer required, and time needed to complete the work. If you need a site survey of any description, chat with one of our team, and they will explain the process and costs involved.

Flood risk assessments - Carried out by our trusted contractor, an RGS partner for many years

Coal mining risk assessments - Carried out by our in-house team, cost-effective and a fast turnaround


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    Ground Investigation

    Construction work can uncover many hidden problems, like contamination, mines, and underground water. It’s essential to understand the state of the ground before you begin your building project and save yourself the headache later caused by excessive project time and money.

    From a detailed desk study to a thorough excavation, a trusted ground investigation service from RGS can help you.

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    Drilling & Excavation

    Site investigations are a necessary component of your construction project, helping you see the state of the ground before you start building. With a comprehensive fleet of drilling rigs and excavators, our state-of-the-art tools and trained engineers are good to go whatever the project size or ground conditions.

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