Ground Investigation

Ground samples can be difficult to remove and test depending on their density. Some soils, sand, clay and fractured rock needs to stay undisturbed to obtain the best results, sampled and tested right there by experienced, knowledgeable engineers to determine their density and quality. 

RGS Insitu Testing always comes to you – so you can leave the ground intact and get the measure on its merits without having to move it.


This phase draws on information about the site setting and historical data to interpret the state of the land. A report shows the potential presence of contamination and associated environmental risks, and is followed by a site walkover to support the study’s findings.


This phase involves extracting soil and/or rock samples for geotechnical and contamination testing. After shallow or deep boring, samples go to our UKAS-accredited laboratory for geotechnical tests before our trusted partners determine any contamination found.


Also referred to as a Remediation Statement, this document explains the necessary steps to resolve contamination found on a site. It is a working document used by teams during the construction process.


A validation report is submitted following completion of remedial works set out in the Phase 3 Remediation Strategy, and includes evidence of all works meeting the remedial targets.

The criticality of ground investigations in any construction work cannot be underestimated. Including this explorative phase in your project can be the difference between a monumental build and a money pit.

RGS provides all Phases of ground investigation, with services completed professionally by a team of accredited fieldworks and laboratory technicians, all following rigid processes to produce high-quality, reliable data while keeping our teams safe on site.

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Why work with RGS for your Ground Investigation

  • Unrivalled knowledge gained from twenty years of experience – more for some team members - conducting all levels of site investigations across the UK safely

  • Extensive company-owned fleet capable of handling any ground investigation works on any terrain, all operated by trained in-house drillers

  • Easy access to all parts of the UK, capable of putting teams on sites quickly and returning samples for testing efficiently  

  • Accredited team of professionals, from our onsite drillers to our lab technicians, all personable, punctual and supportive whatever the service 

Book a Ground Investigation

“Every client wants a site investigation solution that proves good value.

The service we provide is the most important part of their development – and they want it done by an expert, seamlessly and trouble-free, so they can move to the next part of their project. That’s how we help.”

Steve Letch - Business Development Manager


If you are in the planning stage of construction works, our team recommends a Phase 1 Desk Study to understand the basics about the site history and any known concerns such as flooding. From there, it will become clear if you need to progress to another Phase to determine additional information about the site and potential contamination.

If your desk study has raised concerns then it is important to proceed further with a detailed ground investigation, often highlighted in planning conditions. Extracting samples for testing in our laboratory gives a much clearer picture about the land and its current condition, with clear guidance about any necessary remediation.

Yes, we can. New clients often approach us having had a Phase 1 Desk Study completed and ready to proceed with a full ground investigation service including sampling and testing.  Our team is happy to help builders, construction companies, planners and developers at all stages of the ground investigation process.


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    Drilling & Excavation

    Site investigations are a necessary component of your construction project, helping you see the state of the ground before you start building. With a comprehensive fleet of drilling rigs and excavators, our state-of-the-art tools and trained engineers are good to go whatever the project size or ground conditions.

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    Insitu Testing

    Ground samples can be difficult to remove and test depending on their density. Some types of soil, sand, clay and rock needs to stay in its natural habitat to obtain the best results, sampled and tested in a laboratory by experienced, knowledgeable engineers. 

    RGS Insitu testing always comes to you – so you can leave your substance intact and get the measure on its merits without moving it.

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